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  • With a rare standard cab SD70 in the lead, an 852 coal train begins its trek down the Reybold Branch (then Delmarva Secondary) at Newark, seen passing the northbound approach signal for DAVIS interlocking.  - Photo by Michael Murray width:1000;;height:655
  • Reybold Rocket H50 (since abolished) has cleared the Northeast Corridor and starts south for a brief trip on the Reybold Branch to Porter before divering on the Reybold Running Track. width:1000;;height:657
  • Loaded crude oil train Z4R is southbound on the Reybold Branch (then Delmarva Secondary) at Porter in December 2013. Savannah and Atlanta heritage SD70ACe 1065 leads the train past the radio controlled switch as it prepares to enter the Reybold Connecting Track and cross the diamond with the New Castle Secondary. width:1024;;height:683
  • Unit crude oil train 64N is northbound on the Shellpot Secondary as seen from the DuPont Environmental Education Center in Wilmington during early December 2012. width:1000;;height:669
  • A very rare sight, NS 37A is seen in daylight hours moving southbound on the Shellpot Secondary crossing Ward bridge on the approach to RAGAN interlocking on the NEC.  - Photo by Michael Murray width:1000;;height:662
  • NS H35 pilots the 36A into Edgemoor as the local leans into the curve north of the Hazel switch and prepares to cross Bridge 3 into Edgemoor Yard.  - Photo by Michael Murray width:1000;;height:649
  • 67T is seen getting a daylight start to its trip south to Millsboro as the head end clears Bridge 3 and prepares to hook a left to continue on the New Castle Secondary to Porter.  - Photo by Michael Murray width:1000;;height:659
  • On August 21, 2013, Norfolk Southern office car special 951 is southbound on the NS Shellpot Industrial Track as it crosses Bridge #3 at Edgemoor, Delaware.  It was the first time the Norfolk Southern office car train crossed Bridge #3 or visited Edgemoor Yard. width:1000;;height:658
  • Still water foreshadows a smooth trip to Millsboro as 67T crosses Bridge 3 exiting Edgemoor.  - Photo by Michael Murray width:1000;;height:654
  • The typical full house Sunday is in view at Edgemoor as trains wait for the railroad to return to work in the evening.  - Photo by Michael Murray width:1000;;height:645
  • Surrounded by the Northeast Corridor to the right and the Connectiv lead to the left, NS 36A is seen on the Edgemoor branch just north of the yard.  - Photo by Michael Murray width:1000;;height:660
  • One location a crewless 67T may be found is on the advance tracks north of Edgemoor yard, which are paralleled by I495 and the Northeast Corridor to the left.  - Photo by Michael Murray width:1000;;height:629
  • Empty autorack train 28Z awaits a road crew to board before departing Wilmington, as seen here on the New Castle Secondary at Terminal Avenue in early 2012. width:1000;;height:663
  • Unit crude oil train 64N is almost to its destination at PBF Energy in Reybold, De, as it is viewed diverging from the New Castle Secondary to the Reybold Running Track in December 2012. width:1000;;height:667
  • The Reybold Running Track can be seen to the right as southbound 67T prepares to exit the New Castle Secondary and enter the Delmarva at Porter.  - Photo by Michael Murray width:1000;;height:666
  • Office car train 955 crosses the new diamond between the New Castle Secondary and the Reybold Industrial Track at Porter in July 2013. The trip marked the first time that the NS F units had visited Delaware, and traced the route of the oil trains from Reybold to Enola via Newark and Perryville. width:1000;;height:652
  • Norfolk Southern empty manifest train 11G is northbound on the Reybold Running Track crossing the New Castle Secondary in February 2014. A rare trio of SD80MACs lead the train that is en route to Conway, Pennsylvania, with empty carload traffic from the PBF refinery. width:1024;;height:683
  • NS local H51 prepares to get to work at the Delaware City refinery complex on a fall Sunday in 2012. The train is tailing off into the large interchange yard with switch carrier Savage. width:1000;;height:723
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