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  • Hopper train 897 is almost to Harrington as it passes milepost 5 in Houston in late June 2007. width:1000;;height:656
  • A classic pair of EMD SD40-2s has command of H42 as it passes northbound through Houston on the final approach for Harrington in March 2008. width:1000;;height:666
  • K43 returns to Harrington lite power with SD80MAC 7209 trailing in February snow showers. width:1024;;height:683
  • Operation Lifesaer special 098 is seen passing northbound through Milford in May 2008. width:1000;;height:659
  • The first pair of SD70ACes to come to Delmarva, the 1015 and 1021 lug an 852 coal train south through Lincoln in May 2011. width:1000;;height:667
  • Some of Norfolk Southern's most active locomotives, SD70ACes 1002 and 1004 look older than their 10 month age as they lead a combined H42/568 coal train south through Ellendale in January 2012. width:1000;;height:652
  • NS 67T makes a rare daylight trek through Georgetown on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in January, seen here passing the historic-looking yet recently-constructed station at Georgetown.  - Photo by Michael Murray width:1000;;height:624
  • Rare to the Delmarva Business Unit, GP38-3 5826 has command of a northbound 098 Operation Lifesaver Special making its annual trek through Georgetown in May 2008. width:1000;;height:652
  • The first pair of SD70ACes to come to Delmarva, the 1015 and 1021 pull an 852 coal train south through Georgetown in May 2011. width:1000;;height:667
  • Blue GP38-2s 5300 and 5296 almost make a photographer forget that its been nearly 10 years since Conrail has passed as they power H42 south through Stockley in this March 2009 scene. width:1000;;height:663
  • NS 67T makes a rare Sunday appearance on January 29, 2012. The train is seen here passing through a classic Delmarva farm at Stockley.  - Photo by Jason Walter width:1000;;height:669
  • NS 852 is almost at its destination in Indian River as it passes the H&K stone facility south of Millsboro with SD70ACes 1017 and 1001 in February 2012. width:1000;;height:653
  • Two SD70ACes wait on A Track at Indian River to go west with hoppers. width:1000;;height:658
  • Running out its last miles, NS SD38-2 3805 pilots H42 northbound through Firetower Curve just north of Dagsboro in October 2010. The engine would be retired and sold to a third party just months later. width:1000;;height:662
  • Early on a spring morning, local H42 awaits a crew at Frankford with blue GP38-2 5297 head out in April 2010. width:1000;;height:657
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