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  • An ex-Conrail B23-7 is fresh with blue paint in 2005 as it waits for interchange freight at the DCLR interchange in Ellendale. width:900;;height:598
  • DCLR's ALCO T6 is seen in Baker Petroleum in Milton, De, with DCLR's spacer boxcar awaiting the next LP gas shipment to the customer. - Photo by Doug Miller width:1024;;height:562
  • For a period of time, DCLR B23-7 4024 was leased to H&K at Millsboro to unload their 67T stone trains. The unit is seen working in that duty in February 2006. width:900;;height:610
  • The historic WWII gun move to Lewes, De, is seen ready to depart Georgetown on April 17, 2012. width:1000;;height:655
  • DCLR B23-7 donned battleship grey for the historic gun move in April 2012, seen here approaching Nassau, Delaware. width:1000;;height:680
  • All eyes are on the gun as DCLR 4054 leads into Nassau, De, on April 17, 2012. width:1000;;height:651
  • Almost home, the historic WWII gun has crosed the canal in Lewes and will soon arrive at its transload destination. width:1000;;height:679
  • Having completed the historic gun move, B23-7 4054 leads a company train, complete with flat car and cabin car, west for home in Georgetown. width:1000;;height:667
  • Ex-Conrail/NS, now DCLR, B23-7 4024 is seen with stone cars at VFL Industries in Indian River, De. VFL is a lease assignment that the DCLR has long held. - Photo by Doug Miller. width:1024;;height:695
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